When will Hannah Receive Her New Trachea?

2013-02-18: More great news!

Paolo will finally meet our little Hannah on 28Feb! He, along with Mark Holterman, will examine her and measure for her new trachea. If all goes well and they determine she’s healthy enough to travel, we will depart for the US in early March with a surgery date scheduled for 19March!

Hannah is recovering well from her stomach surgery last month. She needed to get her stomach feeding tubing updated/repaired. We all had a big scare when she developed a virus which entered her blood. Thankfully, after 3 weeks of antibiotics, the virus level has been downgraded from 17 to ‘just’ 1.8! Hannah is doing much better these days and should beable to start eating normally very soon! Also, once the virus level gets down to 0.5 or under, her IV can be removed. We hope and pray that she gets back to full strength in time for Paolo and Mark’s visit. It’s looking that way because the past week or so, she’s been doing MUCH better and knowing Hannah, she’ll be ready!

Hannah’s Time appears to be now and she will most definitely shine her brightest! Please continue to keep Hannah in your thoughts and prayers. It’s going to be an amazing couple months!


Darryl, Young-Mi, Dana and Hannah



2013-01-20: Fantastic news folks!


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