Our Mission

Our Mission:

After researching throughout the world which group of doctors, scientists and other medical professionals who were dedicating their careers to furthering the research of RM, (regenerative medicine), capable of curing inoperable diseases thru stem cell research and RM, it has been decided to build the finest RM clinic available for a select few medical professionals to call home. This project is already in the development stages and if all schedules are met within the approved guidelines will be in full operation as early as 18 months. Due to the intensity of building such an advanced RM clinic we must respect the privacy of those involved until further notice.

For further information please contact Mr Alex Roberts; alex@regeneratinglife.com

Alex Roberts

Alex Roberts was introduced into the fascinating world of RM (regenerative medicine) when longtime friend and artist known as The D.O.C. aka Tracy Curry a gangsta rapper and songwriter Roberts worked with in the early 1990’s at the then very controversial record label Death Row Records in Los Angeles who’s roster included the No.1 hip hop artists in the world.

The D.O.C. was out celebrating the Platinum (1,000,000.) sales of his new album when he was involved in a terrifying car accident where a tree branch came thru the front windshield of Tracy’s car and into his throat severing his left larynx. His career had just began and was now over as a singer so he concentrated on his writing ability. After many years of encouragement by some of the music industry’s top artists Tracy decided he wanted a chance to get his voice back and reached out to friend Alex Roberts who was living in Europe. A fan had told Tracy about  a doctor in Barcelona who had performed the worlds first ever successful trachea transplant restoring the voice of a Colombian woman.

Roberts located Dr Macchiarini within 48 hours and thus began the long process of arranging a meeting between The D.O.C. and Dr Paolo Macchiarini. During this time Roberts had asked Dr Macchiarini who was actively making the world aware of these RM procedures giving patients hope when being told they were inoperable thru traditional medicine. So after many a conversation and learning more about stem cell research, Adult Stem Cells, not embryonic stem cells Roberts decided the world should be informed in helping to raise awareness to the general public that they do have other options giving hope to all in need of life saving surgery.

So from a 34 year career in the music industry handling business affairs for a select group of International recording artists and record labels, Roberts has found himself hands on involved with the most advanced procedures and research in the medical world today through stem cell research and RM.


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